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Punch In

Worktimer for your Mac

Punch In is a simple and easy way to keep track of your workflow on your Mac.
We get it: who wants to spend time taking notes on the hours you have worked?
Punch In is designed for you to create rather than administrate.
We think you will appreciate this app.

Can’t find what you are
looking for? Search your
projects, clients or archive.
Export your projects’ data
to Excel, Numbers or similar
software to create invoices.
Menubar icon for easy
access to start/stop and
a glance at your projects.
Easily keep your database in sync across your Macs.
It’s a bit like magic.
Select multiple projects
for a swift overview of your
combined hours and earnings.
Sessions Log
Keep track of your projects
in detail by using the session
log to display their history.
Left the clock ticking?
Punch In will notify you once
you wake up your Mac.
Backup & Restore
Backup all your data effortlessly; Restore anytime in a breeze.
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